memory, still, animation, illustration, wip | Jen Haugan

memory, still, animation, illustration, wip | Jen Haugan

memory, still, animation, illustration, wip | Jen Haugan

Still totally traditional.

lightbox, animation, illustration, wip | Jen Haugan

Christmas patterns

Dancing penguins and reindeer! 

dancing, penguins, pattern, watercolours, illustration | jen haugan

reindeer, mistletoe, pattern, copic markers, watercolours, illustration | jen haugan

Rouen Film Festival

Had a lovely time in France at the first "This is England" film festival in Rouen last week!
Big thanks to artistic director Julie, and my host Monique Pruvost for making sure I had a great time there!:)
And thanks also to festival organiser Christophe Thierry, and Quentin Darras :)

The students asked us so many questions in the Q&A about our films, it was really encouraging,
so I'm glad I was able to be a part of it.

View their website here:

This is England poster, animation festival, Rouen, 2012

This is England, theater, screening room, animation festival, Rouen, 2012

Also, french cakes are amazing!

This is England, french, desserts, animation festival, Rouen, 2012

Girly pattern

lipstick, pattern, copic pens, girly


Patterny things.

Animated Review

It's been a busy month, working on both graduation films, but now finally I have some spare time again.

The lovely guys over at Animated Review wrote an article on my foxtrot film here:

Thanks for the mention!

Foxtrot will also be screened at Madeira Film Festival in Portugal next April. :)


Some of the stuff I'm doing at the moment for a short film project...


My 2nd year film Foxtrot will be screened at the This Is England film festival in Rouen this November/December.
Will hopefully be able to go there.

Nail Varnish

Fun with nail varnish, though it doesn't scan very well.
Also the colours of my nails at the moment.

Memory and forgetting

Sketch for a film I'd like to make, about how memories can be broken down using a certain drug. 


fruit, copic markers, lemon, watermelon, illustration

fruit, copic markers, watermelon, illustration

fruit, copic markers, red pepper, illustration

Oh and a vegetable.

Almost winter

And it's too cold already.


Bird Fly Test

Work in progress

Just started work on a small animation, animating scenery.


Little animation thing I'm working on.

Traffic Light Trees

red, yellow, green, traffic light, trees, colourful, illustration, pen, copic markers

Rough sketches

Rough thumbnail sketches for mini animation.

Shoes Shoes Shoes

So gorgeous but can only afford to draw boots like these:



My 2nd year film Foxtrot is to be screened at Encounters 2012 as part of the Feathers and Fur screenings.