RCA Work In Progress Show

For the RCA Work In Progress show, I exhibited a sound manipulation tool I've been working on during the past few weeks, which consists of a series of rotating speakers that produce the Doppler effect when they are set in motion.

The disc on display had two modes: One frequency mode, where you could set a frequency by adjusting the potentiometer knobs, and one mode where the public could plug in a mobile phone and listen to the frequencies of their own music being shifted as the disc spun around. 

Sonifying Noise Pollution

A data visualisation project I've been working on, using Max MSP to sonify noise pollution data from road traffic sources, with data obtained from the European Environmental Agency.

Road traffic is one of the main sources of noise pollution in cities, and its impacts on human health are well documented. With this project, I wanted to highlight the extent of noise pollution from road traffic sources in the UK.

The data contained information on the percentages of people in UK cities who were exposed to dangerous levels of noise pollution (>65 dB) on a day-to-day basis. The data was then refined and the cities were colour-coded according to their noise pollution level. The colour channels were then each assigned a particular frequency and users could click on the map to hear the different levels of noise pollution in each city.