RCA Christmas Fête 2016

I exhibited for the 2nd year in a row at the Royal College of Art Christmas Fête this December with my friends and classmates Yanqi Liang and Simji Park!

We had a range of products on display, including posters, notebooks, Christmas cards and Yanqi's ceramic sculptures:

Etiuda & Anima 2016

My animated short "Flowers and Feathers" will be screened this week as part of the ANIMA programme in the Etiuda&Anima festival in Krakow, Poland, along with some other great shorts by Paul Bush, Bill Plympton and many more.

The Plastic Island

The Plastic Island represents the ratio of plastics polluting the ocean surface versus plastics found in the deep sea, including microfibres in deep sea sediments.

This work was completed during a 1-week workshop, 'Data Provocation', run by Karin Von Ompteda as part of AcrossRCA, and in collaboration with Design Products student Yilan Lu.

Nigerian Pavilion – "No Flares Just Light"

Short project in August producing a "utopian" map of Nigeria for the Nigerian Pavilion at the first London Design Biennale showcased at Somerset House. 

I constructed a high-res map of Nigeria using image data from Google Earth showing both a current view of Nigeria's Port Harcourt area and the surrounding gas flares (using data from gasflaretracker.ng) and a "utopian" version, where the energy from the gas flares would be used to light up roads and towns around the country.

Collaboration with Shobhan Shah who added the map imagery to Processing to have the flares gradually disappearing as the cities begin to light up and an interface on the screen for Twitter messages to pop up whenever a tweet was sent with the hash tag #noflaresjustlight. Two Raspberry Pi's were used to show the maps on two separate 50 inch screens in 4K resolution, each screen focusing on either the current or the "utopian" view of Nigeria.

Project leader: Gozi Ochonogor
Processing/Technical Install: Shobhan Shah

Both screens on display in the final install:

Summer Beach Pattern

We've not had too much summery weather in the UK this year, 
but in any case, there's been a few nice occasions for sunglasses and strawberries!

Black Box by Absolut - "Frequency"

After a full month of prototyping, soldering and assembling, we finally showcased our installation "Frequency" at the Sónar+D festival in Barcelona last week! 

The project was kindly sponsored by Absolut and the initial brief was offered to the RCA Information Experience Design programme. We designed a sensory experience consisting of vibrations and light, where each colour from a wall of LED strips was mapped to various sound frequencies. We placed a speaker in each of the 16 plinths that made up our floor and sent a different frequency to each speaker, thus creating a floorspace where each plinth was vibrating slightly differently, inviting you to walk across the floor and explore the different vibrations whilst being immersed in colours that changed as you walk across the tiles.

It was a great experience to put up a major installation for the first time and to see the public engaging with it, particularly interesting to see how some people found certain frequencies more relaxing than others. I worked on all the tech related to the project, i.e. the wiring of the LED strips, working on the Max MSP patch that controlled both the frequencies and the colour changes, and the wiring of the speakers, whilst my classmate Robert Thorpe was in charge of the build of the plinths and the design of the structure. We got lots of help and guidance from our tutor Laura Ferrarello, and Matt Clarke from UVA (pictured below with me and Rob) also kindly lent us some DMX controllers for the project.

The first few photos are from the lovely people at 25gramos from an article they published about our piece whilst the other two photos were kindly sent to us by photographer Pepe Molina from Cromagnon

The Black Box by Absolut - Making Of Video

A short video I put together for to be used for press for our upcoming exhibition at Sónar+D in Barcelona this June (with sponsorship from Absolut) is now up on the RCA Information Experience Design Vimeo page:

Black Box for Sónar

I'm in the middle of working on a large-scale sensory installation project at the RCA in collaboration with my classmate Robert Thorpe for the Sónar festival in Barcelona in June, thanks to sponsorship from Absolut.

The project will be a 4x4 grid of plinths with a speaker inside each box, creating a vibrating floor that you can walk across whilst simultaneously changing the colours of a series of LED strips on the wall.

I'm in charge of the technical aspects of the installation while Rob is focusing on the build, and I'm currently working on the wiring of the LED strips and mapping colour to sound using Max MSP. More images to follow soon!

Easter Chickens

Some bright coloured Easter chicken patterns, trying out pastels and different colour sets... 

Work in Progress GIFs

I've got roughly 3 weeks left until my first year film at the RCA is due, 
so I'm getting fairly close to the end! 
In the meantime here are some GIFs from some of the completed shots...

Screen Printing

I got to try screen printing for the first time earlier this week at the RCA Battersea campus!
I had a full-day workshop led by screen printing technician Damon Rostron,
and drew an abstract triangle pattern onto one layer of drawing film and one layer of rubylith
before exposing both layers onto the screen.

Ready for Spring

March is just around the corner, time to start wearing less jumpers!


I had a letterpress workshop at the RCA last Tuesday, led by the brilliant Ian Gabb.
The choice of wording for my postcard seemed pretty much obvious,
after only hearing about Bowie's death the day before.

Storyboard Frames

Some rough storyboard frames for the film I'm currently working on: