Projection Mapping Workshop

We had a really interesting projection mapping workshop run by Michaela French at the RCA this afternoon. We started off by constructing a series of geometric objects using paper tubes and white tape, and then we used Anglepoise lamps and a series of different projectors to look at how the angle and the type of the projection altered the visual look of the object.



A little robot sculpture I made for our RCA Secret Santa event.
The inside has just a really basic wiring of two LEDs to a 9v battery,
and then I coated the outside layer with clay and painted it.

RCA Christmas Fête

The RCA Christmas Fête has just finished, and was a great success! It ran from Wednesday 2nd November to Saturday 5th December and gave the public a chance to buy all kinds of crafts created by RCA students, with all the funds going straight to us :)

My section of the table was mainly for my penguin poster, but I had a few greeting cards and postcards up for sale too! Wan and Annlin both had some gorgeous jewellery for sale, while Choco and Fang were also selling posters.


In one of the first few weeks at the RCA, we got the chance to participate in a cross-college collaborative program called AcrossRCA, where we were able to select one out of a range of different activities for a week-long workshop.

I chose the Gamification workshop, led by RCA 2nd years Philippe and Yuri, where the aim of the workshop was to build a game from scratch and present it to the public on the last day. It was a really intense week, but we were all incredibly happy with the end result and it was a great way to both meet people from other courses and to collaborate together on something great!

I chose to do the programming as I already had some experience with Unity, while my teammates Wan and Tom did the graphics for the characters and Elliot worked on the backgrounds. Our game, Bubble Journey, is an endless upwards scroller where you play as a bubble reaching for the surface and attempting to collect as many smaller bubbles as you can to add more points to your high score, but making sure not to hit the cliffs or the fish.


A one-day project on community models done for my De-Computation class at the RCA.

RCA Lip Sync Excercice

A still from my scene for our first animation exercise of the term, "Embodying Voice".

Highlights from DesignJunction 2015

DesignJunction is on again this week, so I took a trip this Saturday to see this year's show. It was great to see such great design across a variety of products, including lighting, product design, pattern design, home decor and much more. This year's show was separated into two venues, Victoria House and The College, near Holborn station, with the venue at Victoria House being basically a shop where you could purchase anything from the exhibitors there. I took a bunch of photos throughout the day, and I've added quite a few of my favourites below, with links to the exhibitor's websites so you can find out more.

From Wrong for HAY's exhibition room



The image on the left is from one of Areti's lighting displays. They had quite a mix of different and unique lighting displays throughout their exhibitor space! The image on the right is an interactive lighting display by Haberdashery.

The image on the left is from Ango's exhibition room, while the lights on the right are by Hong Kong based studio EOQ

Gorgeous "Petite Machine" table lamps by Studio Lindholdt.

Product Design


On the left is a really cool and quirky product from Orla Reynolds Studio, entitled "As if from nowhere". Four chairs and two small tables can be pulled out from the "bookshelf", which can also be rearranged in different ways - Great for small spaces! The image on the right is a collection of chairs from Design by nico, entitled "The Leaf Seat". They come in a variety of different colours and can be put together in lots of different combinations.


Left: A really interesting set of chairs from Channels. They also made the paddle shaped lights in the background! Right: A really cool vase design by Rokos. You can swing it back and forth like a rocking chair, and it won't topple over! 

Octaevo's stand showcased a really unique, foldable vase, essentially just a fabric pocket shape you could open up and place a plant pot inside, and with a great selection of patterns to choose from.


I really loved just about everything on Laura Spring's stand which showcased bold patterns on everything from lampshades to handbags.

Georgia Bosson (left) had a lovely display again this year, as well as Kangan Arora (right).

One of the stands that impressed me the most, was Handmade Alliance's stand. They run a scheme to help prisoners get back into work and teach them the necessary creative skills to open up employment options for them in the future. All the items on display were crafted by prisoners or ex-prisoners, and they were all great quality items. Learn more about Handmade Alliance here.

A nice collection of handmade items from niisha

Sofa covered in fabric by Kirkby Design.

Left: Some great products from including these patterned Monday - Sunday tea towels.
Right: Lovely stationary products and patterned wrapping from Studio Ola


A fantastic pottery collection by University of the Arts London graduate Yuta Segawa

Some really nice pottery collections from Richard Brendon.


Left: Some lovely storage canisters from Heal's.
Right: Beautiful ceramics by Lara Scobie.

A lovely pottery collection from Hend Krichen.


Left: Colourful, geometric candlestick holders by Korridor.
Right: A selection of umbrella designs by Kumo.

There were prints up for sale this year as well over at the Victoria House venue, with art from artists like Malika Favre, Virginie Morgand, Steve Wilson and others.

And lastly, these elephants on display for the charity Teddy's Wish. They were to go up for auction with all the proceeds to go directly to the charity.