Hackoustic Village | 'We Are Robots' Festival

The same week as returning with my piece from Manchester, the amazing people running Hackoustic invited me to be part of their 'Hackoustic Village' sound show, which was part of the We Are Robots festival running at the Truman Brewery from the 2nd – 5th November.

The space was quite dark, so we were all given brightly lit LEDs to brighten up the space, and it was a great weekend filled with crazy sound experimentation which could be heard from miles off! 

There were so many other amazing artists taking part, and I only took a very small amount of photos, but the rest of the artists showing sound pieces are listed here.

My table with 3 sound pieces on display

Tom Fox's (aka Vulpestruments) sound piece 'Hummingbird'

The amazing Jenn Kirby performing

'Big Blade', one of Hackoustic co-founder Tim Yates's sound objects

'A Grand Exposition'

This October I brought the 'Doppler Machine' (part of my Sonic Ensemble-series of sound objects) to Talbot Mill, Manchester, to an amazing festival called "A Grand Exposition", organised by the lovely people behind Cornbrook Creative.

The festival was part of the greater Manchester Science Festival and showcased a great mix of art, technology and science. The Talbot Mill venue was a lovely old cotton mill, which during the install period got gradually transformed into a playground for all kinds of fields from sound art to bio art and research on nanotechnology to mix together.

More info here:

Nexus Studios | LA Office Launch

In September I started freelancing at Nexus Studios with the lovely Nexus Interactive Arts department! 

They very recently announced the news of the opening of their new LA office (I'm working in their main London office), which was celebrated with appropriately decorated cupcakes!

Looking forward to sharing some of the work I've been doing here soon! 

Sonic Ensemble | Royal Academy of Arts Performance

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of performing my piece 'Sonic Ensemble' within the galleries of the Royal Academy of Arts at Burlington House, Piccadilly.

The piece was part of the RA's Late Night event programme "The Other Paradise", where there were other events including a tropical disco and mermaid life drawing.

The public also came dressed in some amazing and creative costumes, as pictured below:

Gave the Sonic Ensemble website a bit of an update too!

Penguin Drummer

This jolly fellow is just drumming along to the joys of life...
Quick little sketch, direct in Illustrator w/Wacom tablet.

Giraffe Print

Colour iterations of a little giraffe-themed print:

Hackoustic Presents

Had a wonderful time at IKLECTIK last night as part of Hackoustic's Hackoustic Presents

Big thanks to Tom Fox from Vulpestruments for inviting me to perform – I was also joined by some really great speakers and performers including Jenn Kirby (live performance using Max MSP and stringed controllers), Antosh Wojcik (performing 'drum poetry' about moving subjects such as his grandfather's dementia), and Gawain Hewitt (presenting the research behind the 'Kellycaster' project, a custom-made guitar for disabled musician John Kelly).  

We also had a tape-loop installation by Nick Murray, and DJ-ing by #BarrysLounge (Sydney Levinson)! 

All photos © Daryl Feehely 

Sonic Ensemble | White City Performance

I participated in a sonic performance event in White City this June as part of the "Making the Long Tail" event organised by Emily Candela & Matt Lewis at the Royal College of Art.

I built a new, much larger Doppler Machine, which allowed for even greater feedback control, creating a greater sense of rhythm than in the previous feedback performances. A video of the performance can be seen below:

Doppler Machine

 An updated version of the machine I created for the RCA Work In Progress show this January:

Inspired by the Leslie speaker, another sound modification device developed by Donald Leslie between the 1930s - 1960s, the Doppler machine is also capable of modulating sound and creating the Doppler effect as the disc with the speakers on, spins around. 

It was used as part of a performance with RCM musicians earlier this year, and I'll hopefully continue to develop it and work on further performances and collaborations (If you're a London-based musician, or someone with an interest in sound art, and would like to hear your instrument played through the disc, or to share thoughts, please get in touch!)