Hackoustic Village | 'We Are Robots' Festival

The same week as returning with my piece from Manchester, the amazing people running Hackoustic invited me to be part of their 'Hackoustic Village' sound show, which was part of the We Are Robots festival running at the Truman Brewery from the 2nd – 5th November.

The space was quite dark, so we were all given brightly lit LEDs to brighten up the space, and it was a great weekend filled with crazy sound experimentation which could be heard from miles off! 

There were so many other amazing artists taking part, and I only took a very small amount of photos, but the rest of the artists showing sound pieces are listed here.

My table with 3 sound pieces on display

Tom Fox's (aka Vulpestruments) sound piece 'Hummingbird'

The amazing Jenn Kirby performing

'Big Blade', one of Hackoustic co-founder Tim Yates's sound objects

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