Fourdot Ltd

When I first started at Fourdot, we were still in Beta, and there was much secrecy involving what we do. Since then, we've very much been public, and I still haven't mentioned much about what we do, but this picture ought to sum it up well:

Fourdot Ad for Drive magazine - Jen Haugan Animation & Illustration

We produce bespoke number plates tailored to each individual vehicle to best fit the car's recess area, and the plate shape is styled to fit with the overall shape of the car. 

You can choose your vehicle and car colour, and then proceed to choose between a range of different wallpaper designs via our online configurator, or you can contact us for a bespoke design, whether it's for corporate or personal use. 

Fourdot Wallpaper for Drive magazine ad - Jen Haugan Animation & Illustration

Head over to our page at to find out more!

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