In one of the first few weeks at the RCA, we got the chance to participate in a cross-college collaborative program called AcrossRCA, where we were able to select one out of a range of different activities for a week-long workshop.

I chose the Gamification workshop, led by RCA 2nd years Philippe and Yuri, where the aim of the workshop was to build a game from scratch and present it to the public on the last day. It was a really intense week, but we were all incredibly happy with the end result and it was a great way to both meet people from other courses and to collaborate together on something great!

I chose to do the programming as I already had some experience with Unity, while my teammates Wan and Tom did the graphics for the characters and Elliot worked on the backgrounds. Our game, Bubble Journey, is an endless upwards scroller where you play as a bubble reaching for the surface and attempting to collect as many smaller bubbles as you can to add more points to your high score, but making sure not to hit the cliffs or the fish.

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